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Higher Risk Dogs

ACC Screening Standards for Potention Adopters of "HIGHER RISK" Dogs

"Higher risk" dogs are those dogs that have traditionally been bred to fight, guard, attack, or act aggressively and have the physiological capacity to inflict serious bodily harm (including death) to humans or other companion animals. These are dogs that are also more likely to be coveted, used, trained and stolen for illegal purposes such as dog fighting. Staff should also consider environmental factors that may have affected a dog's temperament or behavior.

Potential adopters of "higher risk" dogs must meet the criteria below in addition to our general screening standards in order to ensure the safety of these dogs, the safety of the community, and the safety of other pets:

  1. Applicants should have previously owned "higher risk" dogs or demonstrate knowledge of how to manage and successfully care for a dog of this nature.

  2. Applicants must sign agency indemnification form.

  3. Applicants may be required to provide written approval on official letterhead (within 24 hours) from local animal regulatory agency where animal will reside.

  4. Applicants must provide (within 24 hours) a paid deposit receipt, as proof of their commitment, to enroll in a dog training class approved by the Department of Animal Care and Control.

  5. Applicants must agree to a possible premises inspection.

  6. Applicants must be willing to pay all additional fees for these or any other expenses incurred by the Department.



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