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Coexisting With Coyotes



Coexisting With Coyotes


If You Encounter A Coyote


  • Do not let your dog interact with a coyote.
  • Never turn your back on a coyote or run from a coyote.
  • If you encounter a coyote, shout, wave your arms, throw small rocks. The goal is to appear threatening to frighten the coyote away, not to injure it.
  • Carry a cane/stick, an air horn or a whistle with you on walks to frighten a coyote away.
  • Never let a coyote come between you and your child or pet.


Common Sense Tips If Your Neighborhood Has Coyotes

  • Keep pets indoors, especially at night.
  • Never feed a coyote. Feeding a coyote can put your family and your pets at risk as the animal learns to expect food and loses their natural fear of humans.
  • Feed your pets indoors, or promptly remove outdoor food dishes when your pet finishes their meal.
  • Secure garbage cans with a lid that fastens shut or a bungee cord, or keep garbage in an area that is secure from wildlife. Coyotes can tip garbage cans and obtain an easy meal. Put garbage out the morning of your pick-up to cut down on the amount of time the cans are accessible.
  • If a coyote is frequenting your neighborhood, let them know that they are not welcome. Make loud noises, squirt them with a hose or super-soaker, or pop a balloon. It's important that coyotes stay wary of humans.
  • Keep pets on leash in areas frequented by coyotes. Keep a close eye on dogs when using a long, retractable leash.
  • Pick ripe fruit off of trees, and pick up fruit that has fallen to the ground.

If a coyote is acting aggressively or exhibiting strange behavior, please call Animal Care and Control at (415) 554-9400. Animal Care and Control is keeping a log of coyote sightings in San Francisco. To report a sighting, please e-mail the date, time, location and any other details of the sighting to:


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