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Shelter Services

Shelter personnel provide the following services for all animals in our care:

  • Provide nourishment and medical care for wild, exotic, stray, surrendered and all other animals.
  • Provide basic health screening including preventative disease control for all animals.
  • Vaccinate animals against diseases.
  • Adopt out strays, unwanted or abandoned animals.
  • Humanely euthanize the animals we are unable to place.
  • Sell dog licenses and voluntary cat registrations.
  • Enforce all animal control and anti-cruelty ordinances.
  • Provide shelter care for animals in protective custody, under observation or in quarantine.
  • Provide a volunteer program through which members of the community can become actively involved in helping our animals.
  • Provide lost and found services.
  • Provide adoption counseling.
  • Groom all shelter animals.
  • Provide information on pet owner responsibility and pet care.
  • Maintain accurate records on all animal control activities.
Last updated: 7/8/2015 10:23:13 AM