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Fee Schedule


 Adoption Fee by Animal Type and Age 



 Market Value

 Cats - Adult


 Cats - Kittens under 6 months




 Dogs - Puppies under 6 months 




 Guinea Pigs




 Other Animals - Dependent upon species


 Rabbits - Female


 Rabbits - Male



 Market Value

 * Fees may include one or more of the following:  1 year Dog License or Lifetime Cat Registration, Spay/Neuter Surgery, Microchip, Vaccinations, Vet Exam.  Fees may vary depending upon Market Value or Surgery Costs.




 Dog License Fee by Dog/Owner Status 

 1 Year 

 2 Year 

 3 Year  

 Altered Dog




 Altered Dog, Senior Citizen Owner




 Unaltered Dog




 Unaltered Dog, Senior Citizen Owner






 Miscellaneous Fee by Specific Service


 Cat Registration - Lifetime*


 Daily Care - Dog, Cat, Other Animals


 Daily Care - Small Animals Only


 Dead Animal Disposal


 Duplicate or Replacement License Tag


 Euthanasia Request


 Late Charge - License Renewal


 Owner Surrenders Animal - At Shelter


 Owner Surrenders Animal - Field Transport Required


 * Lifetime Registration includes a tag and collar.  Cats are not required to be licensed, but are easier to identify if lost.




 Redemption Fee by Animal Type/Status*




 Dog - Altered


 Dog - Unaltered


 Other Animals


 * Redemption fees are progressive.  The 2nd time $60.00, 3rd time $90.00.  It does not include dog license or cat registration, daily care, vaccinations or any  other additional costs your animal may have incurred while art our shelter.


In the event that it is determined that payment of fees by the owner/guardian would cause significant financial difficulty,
the fees may be waived by the Director or designee, at their discretion.
                                                Revised 8/2012.


Last updated: 4/23/2015 3:45:14 PM