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Local Ballot Measure Status

Official Titles to Local Measures for the November 4, 2014 Consolidated General Election





 Contact Information

A San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond Filed on 7/25/14
 Board of Supervisors  Maggie Muir 
(510) 219-8008 

 Charter Amendment



 Contact Information

B Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth Filed 7/25/2014
 Board of Supervisors Supervisor Wiener
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 554-6968
C Children’s Fund; Public Education Enrichment Fund; Children and Families Council; Rainy Day Reserve Filed on 7/18/14
 Board of Supervisors  Jason Stewart

Nicole Derse
D Retiree Health Benefits for Former Redevelopment Agency and Successor Agency Employees Filed 7/25/2014
Board of Supervisors Supervisor Cohen
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 554-7670





 Contact Information


Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Filed 7/25/2014

Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Mar 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244 San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 554-7410


Pier 70

Initiative petitions qualified on 7/16/2014

Susan Eslick, Kate Sofis

Kelly Pretzer


Additional Transfer Tax on Residential Property Sold Within 5 Years of Purchase

Filed on 6/17/14

Submitted by 4 or more Supervisors: Avalos, Campos, Kim and Mar

Quintin Mecke


Requiring Certain Golden Gate Park Athletic Fields To Be Kept As Grass With No Artificial Lighting

Initiative petitions qualified on 7/22

Coalition to Protect Golden Gate Park

Mike Murphy


Filed on 6/17/14

Submitted by 7 or more Supervisors: Chiu, Farrell, Mar, Tang, Wiener, Yee and Breed

Patrick Hannan patrick@cityfieldsfoundation.org

J Minimum Wage Increase Filed on 7/30/14
 The Mayor and Board of Supervisors

 Ramneek Saini
(415) 291-9300


 Declaration of Policy



 Contact Information


Affordable Housing

 Filed 7/30/2014

 Board of Supervisors

 Supervisor Kim
(415) 554-7970


Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities

 Initiative petitions qualified on 7/11/14

 Claire Zvanski, David Looman, Jason P. Clark

 Jason P. Clark

Local Measure Status for Future Elections - Pending





 Contact Information

Signature gathering in process*
 Dale Carlson  Dale Carlson

Signature gathering in process*

 Josue Arguelles, Elizabeth Anne Alexander and Vivian Richardson

 Elizabeth Anne Alexander

*valid petition signatures were due by July 7, 2014 in order to qualify for the November 2014 Ballot

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