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New Political Districts

What is redistricting?

Redistricting is the process of drawing new electoral district boundaries in order to equalize district populations. Redistricting is done every ten years, soon after the U.S. Census Bureau releases data showing where people reside around the country. The overall purpose of redistricting is to review districts and, where necessary, redraw districts in order to address any changes in population concentration.

In California, the Citizens Redistricting Commission is the redistricting organization responsible for determining the boundaries for the Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and Board of Equalization districts.  

For more information about California’s redistricting process, visit

Did the electoral district boundaries change?

Yes. On August 15, 2011, the Citizens Redistricting Commission adopted the final maps for the Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and Board of Equalization districts.

As a result of the changes to the district boundaries, your residential address may fall within a different district than before. This will affect which candidates and contests appear on your ballot beginning with the June 5, 2012 Consolidated Presidential Primary Election.

To review your former and new district information, you may use the City and County of San Francisco District Lookup Tool, or refer to this map.

Did San Francisco supervisorial district boundaries change? 

Yes. After the U.S. Census Bureau released data, the Director of Elections concluded that the existing supervisorial districts no longer complied with the legal requirements because they were unequal in population. The Board of Supervisors then convened a Redistricting Task Force to redraw the supervisorial district boundaries.

On April 14, 2012, the Redistricting Task Force completed the redrawing of the supervisorial district boundaries. To view your current supervisorial district information, you may refer to these maps. For information about your district Supervisor, you may refer to the Board of Supervisors website,

For more information about the Redistricting Task Force, visit

Will San Francisco precinct boundaries change? 

Yes. After the new supervisorial district boundaries are drawn, the Department of Elections must adjust precincts to reflect the new supervisorial district lines by June 1, 2012. Visit our website in June to view your precinct boundaries. 

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