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PR: Special Cat from Iran Lands at San Francisco Animal Care and Control


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Rebecca Katz, Director SFACC

Kat Brown, Deputy Director SFACC



April 26, 2012


Special Cat from Iran Lands at San Francisco Animal Care and Control

Sayeh Animal Guardians report harsh conditions for dogs and cats in Iran. Basic veterinary care is limited, and advanced medical procedures for animals is extremely rare.

On a day that started just like any other Tuesday in the Iranian capital Tehran, Sarah, an active member of the Sayeh Animal Guardians, got a phone call from a woman saying, “There is a cat on our street which is unable to move as if it’s stuck to the pavement. Do you think you can help? ”and help she did.

Maloos, meaning “very cute/loveable” (FKA Teddy), is a small orange tabby and white cat, found soaked with gasoline and mud, and covered with wounds and abscesses. He had been shot in the face and could not move. After getting cleaned up and attended to by his rescuers, Maloos flew almost 8,000 miles in 20 hours from Tehran, through Germany and on to San Francisco. Escorted by a passenger en route to the U.S. , as arranged by Sayeh Animal Guardians, he was surrendered to Animal Care & Control—the S.F. City shelter—with the hope that this brave cat would receive medical attention and be put up for adoption. Veterinarians believe that Maloos was born with congenital deformities in his hips and legs, causing him to drag his backside along the streets of Tehran. Then, either the object of cruelty or cruel fate, he was found with shrapnel embedded near his eye. Following a bungled attempt to repair a part of Maloos’ deformity, his left hind leg was amputated in Iran after becoming infected due to a surgical mistake by well-intentioned but poorly trained Iranian veterinary staff.

Maloos appears to be doing well despite his injuries and long flight half way around the world. The shrapnel has been removed from his face. Animal Care & Control staff are evaluating his health and determining what kind of care he will need. Maloos is enjoying visits from staff and volunteers, and loves to play. Because he cannot use his remaining hind leg to walk, Maloos propels himself with his front paws, and may be a good candidate for an animal wheelchair.

Maloos is an extreme special medical needs cat that touched the hearts of shelter staff just as he had made an impression on his rescuers in Iran. Like so many of the animals coming into the City-run shelter, Maloos requires extra medical attention. Fortunately, the shelter has Friends of SF/ACC, a nonprofit agency established to raise funds for enhanced services at the municipal shelter, to assist in providing care for these special animals in need. Friends has set up a medical aid fund to help more animals—like Maloos—so that they can become available for adoption and find loving, new homes through Animal Care & Control.

Of course, there are many other wonderful felines in the United Nations of SF/ACC. A cat found in Hayes Valley with a microchip tracing back to Romania is currently available for adoption and South East Asia is represented by our Siamese ambassadors. And, our UN envoy Catarina the Great – found at the intersection of Prague St. & Russia Ave. (Excelsior District) will be happy to live on an Eastern Block….or Western, or Southern, or……

To raise funds for special needs animals like Maloos or to support your City Shelter’s many life saving programs, please visit

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