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Special Cat Fosters Iranian / U.S. Relations


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Deb Campbell

Rebecca Katz, Director SFACC



June 5, 2012


Special Cat Fosters Iranian / U.S. Relations

catMaloos – the injured and deformed cat flown to the United States from Iran – will be adopted Wednesday at San Francisco Animal Care & Control.  Touched by his story, people from around the country have contacted the City shelter, hoping to make him a part of their family. The winner of the lottery to adopt the popular international cat is a true ‘tail’ of kismet. Laila Aghaie and her family – Northern California residents of Iranian heritage - will be giving Maloos his new lease on life. In a twist of fate, the lucky feline’s original rescuer in Tehran possessed a variant of the same name: Laleh.  In turn, Maloos’s soon-to-be new owner is already making plans to help the animal rescuers in Iran continue with their brave and important work.


Maloos (meaning very cute/loveable in Farsi) was found stuck to the pavement on the streets of Tehran,   soaked in gasoline and mud and covered with abscesses. He had been shot in the face, and his deformed rear legs and spine left him unable to move. His rescuers, facing challenges unheard of in this country, took him in and saved his life – but hoped that he could have a brighter future and more advanced medical care.  After getting cleaned up, Maloos was airlifted to the Bay Area where he has made San Francisco Animal Care & Control his temporary home.


Maloos has undergone numerous surgeries to improve his quality of life, and is now fitted with a wheelchair that gives him mobility options.  Despite having an infected rear leg removed in Iran, he is able to move about and is growing accustomed to his wheelchair. He has become a favorite of Animal Care & Control staff and volunteers with his playful, spunky and very congenial personality.


The Friends of Animal Care & Control – Animal Care & Control’s non-profit fundraising group – accepted donations to pay for Maloos’s medical care, taking in more than enough for his needs. But the story shouldn’t end when he goes out the shelter door. The group will continue to need live-saving contributions to help more special needs animals -like Maloos – get the care they need to live full, happy lives. To donate:

Maloos’s adoption will take place at 3:30 PM on Wednesday, June 6 at San Francisco Animal Care & Control: 1200 15th St. (at Harrison) in San Francisco.



The Department of Animal Care & Control is a taxpayer-funded, open door animal shelter.  ACC provides housing, care and medical treatment to wild, exotic and domestic stray, lost, abandoned sick, injured and/or surrendered animals. ACC aims to rehome or reunite domestic animals with their guardians and to rehabilitate and release wildlife to their native habitat.  ACC responds to animal related emergencies 24/7 including animal abuse and neglect as well as matters of public safety. Animal Care & Control is located at 1200 15th St. (at Harrison.)

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