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Sec. 3906 Training.



(a)    All applicants for a new permit must first satisfy one of the following two training requirements:


        (1)  The applicant shall complete a training course approved by the Director consisting of
                at least 20 total hours of classroom and hands-on training in each of  the following
                subject areas: canine behavior, pack management, dog park etiquette, safety and 
                fight protocols, local laws and regulations, canine first aid, and any other subject or 
                subjects that the Director may determine is or are relevant to the health and safety
                of animals and the public in the conduct of a Commercial Dog Walking business; or,




        (2)   The applicant shall complete a apprenticeship program approved by the 
                   Director consisting of at least 40 hours of practical experience working with
                  and under the direct supervision of another dog walker who:


                (A)   is doing business as a permittee under this Article 39, and


                (B)  has operated a dog walking business, with a valid City business
                        registration certificate under Business and Tax Regulations Code
                        Section 853 (or equivalent license or certification from another
                        jurisdiction, as accepted by the Director), for at least three
                        years. The person or organization providing the apprenticeship
                        program may, but is not required to, charge the applicant for the
                        program. The apprenticeship program shall cover each of the
                        subject areas identified for training in subsection (a)(1), and
                        the person or organization providing the apprenticeship program
                        shall provide the participant who successfully completes the
                        program with written certification evidencing that those
                        subjects have been covered as part of the apprenticeship.
                        The permit applicant shall provide the Director with a copy of
                        such certification along with his or her permit application.


Training 40 Hours Internship Certification


(b)    Within 120 days of the effective date of this ordinance, the Director shall
         adopt regulations setting forth the required content of a course under
         subsection (a)(1) or the criteria for an approved apprenticeship program under
         subsection (a)(2). After adoption of such regulations, the Director shall approve
         or disapprove, within 30 days of submission, any entity's proposal to offer the
         required Commercial Dog Walking training under subsection (a)(1) or (2).


Credentials for CDW Trainers and Process to Submit CDW Training

(c)   Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a), any person who, on
        September 1, 2012, has held for at least the past three consecutive years a valid
        City business registration certificate under Business and Tax Regulations Code
        Section 853 for a dog walking business (or equivalent license or certification
        from another jurisdiction, as accepted by the Director), or any person who as of
        that date has worked as a dog walker for such a business for at least the past
        three consecutive years, shall be deemed to have satisfied the training requirement
        of this Section. The Director may by regulation adopted under Section 3909
        determine which other equivalent occupational experience, if any, provides similar
        training and may be substituted for dog walking under this subsection (c).

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