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Sec. 3907 Rules for Commercial Dog Walker.



The following restrictions shall apply to a permittee while walking four or more dogs at any one time for consideration on Park Property:

(a)   The permittee may not walk at one time more than 8 dogs.


(b)   Once a year, the permittee must distribute in writing, whether by print, facsimile or
        electronic distribution, to all his or her current clients informational materials to be
        prepared by the Department, which the Department shall maintain on its website,
        regarding how the clients may license their dogs under Health Code Section 41.15 and
        the importance of doing so. At the same time, the permittee must ask all of her or his
        clients for the license numbers for any of their dogs that have been licensed under
        Health Code Section 41.15, and the permittee shall keep a record of those numbers;
        provided, however, that permittee shall not be liable or penalized for failing to record
        any license number that, if after requesting in good faith such information, his or her
        client fails to provide to permittee.


(c)   The permittee must carry a leash not more than 6 feet in length for each dog, and follow all
        applicable on-leash rules.


(d)   The permittee must clean up after any dogs he or she is walking and properly dispose of any
        canine waste, as required by Health Code Section 40 and all applicable Recreation and Park
        Department rules and regulations.


(e)   The permittee must have appropriate dog walking safety equipment, either upon his or her
        person or at a nearby location, including in a vehicle, that is readily accessible. The Director
        shall adopt regulations addressing what constitutes appropriate dog walking safety



(f)   The permittee must have sufficient drinking water as is necessary for the proper
        physical functioning of the dogs either upon his or her person or at a nearby location,
        including in a vehicle, that is readily accessible.

(g)   If the permittee transports dogs to or from Park Property, the permittee must do so in
        a safe and appropriate manner, including properly restraining the dogs while in open
        and moving vehicles in accordance with California Vehicle Code Section 23117. The
        Director shall adopt regulations addressing what constitutes safe and appropriate
        transportation of dogs.








Commercial Dog Walker Safe Vehicle Transport


Vehicle Inspection Schedule


Dog Walker Vehicle Inspection Checklist


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