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August 6, 2013

City and County of San Francisco
Tuesday, August 6, 2013
City Hall, Hearing Room 416
Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102


Audrey Joseph
Steven Lee
Glendon Anna Conde Hyde
Bryant Tan
Barbara Campagnoli


Executive Director, Jocelyn Kane
Deputy Director, Cammy Blackstone
Commission Aid, Negar Siadatnejad
Sound Inspector, Ronald Edwards


The Chair called the meeting to order at 5:34PM.


Executive Director, Jocelyn Kane called the Roll.

Present at the meeting were Commissioners, Audrey Joseph, Steven Lee, Glendon Hyde, and Barbara Campagnoli.

Absent were Commissioners Naomi Akers and Al Perez.

Commissioner Bryant Tan made a request to move Item number six on the Agenda to Item number three and also move item number five below Item number three.

1. Public Comment

No public comment.
Public comment closed.

2. Review and approve the minutes of June 18, 2013 and July 16, 2013. [Action item]

Commissioner Joseph moved to approve the minutes from June 18, 2013 & July 16, 2013. Commissioner Hyde seconds the motion.

No public comment.
Public comment is closed.

3. Review and possible action to review and change the conditions on the Place of Entertainment permit # EC- 1052 - dba Brick and Mortar located at 1710 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA. 94103. [Action item]
Michael O’Connor from Brick and Mortar requested that the conditions placed on Brick and Mortar be lifted. O’Connor stated that they (Michael O’Connor & Jason Perkins) have done additional sound proofing and are working closely with neighbors for sound issues. They have built an inner shell to contain sound and have spent a lot of money for additional sound proofing. O’Connor stated that he will continue to keep good communication with his neighbors.

O’Connor also mentioned there is a telephone number available on their website for neighbors to call and he will also forward this number to his neighbors.

Commissioner Joseph asked O’Connor if they could finish the rest of the soundproofing in the next two weeks.

O’Connor stated that the soundproofing is very expensive but he will continue to put the effort towards this during the next two weeks.

Commissioner Tan asked if O’Connor can provide documentation and photographs of the soundproofing.

Commissioner Hyde asked O’Connor if he was able to provide the Commission with quotes and prices of the sound proofing you he has done.

O’Connor stated that Brick and Mortar is an 80 year old building with reinforced brick and that he cannot completely sound proof the building however he knows he needs to be diligent to complete the soundproofing.
O’Connor said the roof was coved with two sheets of sheet rock for 10,000 dollars and another shell below the ceiling above the stage at a cost of about 5,000.

O’Connor requested that he would like Brick and Mortar to be open till 12am during week and 1am on weekends. O’Connor also stated that he will come back with visuals of soundproofing.

Public Comment:

Officer Gary Buckner stated that he knows there has been a history of sound problems with Brick and Mortar and that the Entertainment Commission has worked well with Brick and Mortar to bring them into compliance. He would also like the Entertainment Commission to hold off on lifting the conditions for Brick and Mortar till they submit their sound proofing.

Public comment
No public comment

Commissioner Joseph would like to continue this item for two weeks so Brick and Mortar can come back with their evidence of soundproofing. Commissioner Lee seconds the motions with an amendment that Brick and Mortar will send an email giving the neighbors their phone number.

AYES - Commissioner Lee, Commissioner Joseph, Commissioner Campagnoli and Commissioner Tan.
NO- Commissioner Hyde

4. Hearing and possible Action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. [Action item]

a) Elizabeth Vazquez, dba Tio Chilos Grill, 2872 24th Street, Limited Live Performance Permit

Officer Gary Buckner from Mission station stated that he has no objection for this permit. Officer Buckner mentioned that the problems with a type 41 license is that they don’t serve food and allow minors come into the establishment and enjoy entertainment which is provided. He would like to make sure the permit holder is aware that Tio Chilos is a restaurant and not a bar. He has no objection to the permit as long as the rules are followed.

No public comment
Public comment is closed.

Commissioner Hyde moved to approve the permit and Commissioner Joseph seconds the motion.

AYES - Commissioner Hyde, Commissioner Lee, Commissioner Joseph, Commissioner Campagnoli and Commissioner Tan.

b) Eric Reid and Michael Gaines, dba InnerMission, 2050 Bryant Street, Place of Entertainment Permit.

Officer Gary Buckner of Mission Station stated that Mission station is very excited for them to come into the neighborhood. Although there has been a history of incidents at that location Mission Station is willing to put the past behind them. Officer Buckner mentioned that third party promoters are of major concern and he has submitted some conditions for Inner Mission.

No public comment
Public comment is closed

Commissioner Joseph made a motion to approve this permit with the Good neighborhood policy, and the police conditions. Commissioner Hyde seconds the motion with an amendment that the Commission strikes number 3 as it’s redundant.

No public comment.
Public comment is closed.

AYES - Commissioner Hyde, Commissioner Lee, Commissioner Joseph, Commissioner Campagnoli and Commissioner Tan.

5. Report from Executive Director Legislative/Policy Update: Broadway CBD approval; Quarterly Reports filed with Clerk of the Board; Staff and Office Update: Review of the Entertainment Commission’s 10th Anniversary party; Review of Legislative Aide Happy Hour event; Review of Commission Seats and Terms; Update on 9/9/13 Health Care Workshop; Status of Annual Report; Corrective Actions: Nothing to Report. Report from the Sound Technician Ron Edwards report on recent venue sound inspections and report of activities by staff. [Discussion Item]

Commissioner Joseph left the meeting at 6:57pm.

6. Police Department Comments & Questions. [Discussion Item]
(This item allows any member of the SFPD to address the Commission regarding matters related to nightlife and public safety).

Officer Steve Mathias from Central Station mentioned that he has not been in front of Commission for about a month. There was a shooting at ruby sky on July 20th and a man was attached by a woman in the club. On July 14th a person was ejected from Monroe for picking fights with other patrons. On July 21st at Club Atmosphere there were three separate reports and it was quite a spike for atmosphere.

Public comment
No public comment

Item number 7 was requested to be continued on August 20th
Commissioner Hyde moved to continue this item and Commissioner Campagnoli seconds the motion.

7. Discussion and possible action to implement Neighborhood Outreach Policy for permit applicants. [Action Item].

SF Eagle came to the Commission meeting to talk about their neighborhood outreach.

SF Eagle has worked with other nonprofit organizations and also the community. They also scheduled a meeting with Jane Kim and attended her neighborhood meeting which was very successful.

The owners from SF Eagle suggested that it’s important to make community part of your endeavor and make them a part of your establishment as well. When they took these steps the neighbors began to support them and incoraged them to stay open. The outreach they did was very successful. They also attended neighborhood organizations that were four blocks away and out of their district. These meeting helped them get a better understanding of the neighborhoods and their needs

Commissioner Hyde moved to continue the conversation on community outreach till the next meeting since all Commissioners were not present.
Commissioner Campagnoli seconds the motions

8. Commissioner Comments & Questions. [Discussion item]

Commissioner Lee mentioned that his street fair went well and the money bucket that went around were full. There were also lots of good sponsors. He also mentioned that due to the Boston bombing the street fair was required to hire the fire department which created a burden with fees.

Commissioner Hyde went to a meeting at 1015 folsom. He mentioned that the way they integrated themselves with sound issues and was very impressive. They also went above all the neighbors’ concerns and it was a great meeting next meeting. Also the owners from the Eagle are planning on putting together a fair for Halloween.

9. New Business Request for Future Agenda Items. [Action item]

No new business

No public comment.
Public comment is closed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:22pm
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