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Department of Public Health

The architectural barrier removal, new construction, addition, and alteration projects pertaining to the Department of Health are funded from a variety of sources. These include but are not limited to: general obligation bonds, capital improvement funds requested by the Department of Public Health and/or the Mayor's Office on Disability, and from funds provided by the Mayor's Office of Community Development.

The Department of Health system is dynamic, as it is undergoing change to integrate the Universal Health Program and budget consolidation due to current economic conditions of reduced, programmatic funding from both the federal and state governments.

The Department of Public Health facilities were surveyed during the 2000 ADA Transition Program and have been undergoing numerous new construction, alterations, and ADA Barrier Removal projects.

The Department of Public Health's Community Behavioral Health Services operates through 219 agencies at approximately 156 locations. It is a dynamic system of programs and facilities. The majority of providers are at accessible sites, and some portions of the program provide programmatic access focused on the individual patient's needs and assessments. Many of these programs are at leased sites, where physical accessibility is leveraged through their lease terms. These third party providers may be Public Accommodations and ADA Title III obligations.

Among the Department of Public Health contract providers are homeless shelter programs. All homeless shelter sites in the program are accessible. The Mayor's Office on Disability has been and continues to be coordinating with the City of San Francisco's Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Management, and Human Services Agency in establishing a planned network of accessible and usable emergency shelter sites and programs.

San Francisco General Hospital
Department of Public Health Clinics
Department of Public Health and Behavior Health Services (link under construction)





Accessibility Status


101 Grove Street

Public Health Center building, public information office and services


Accessible, city-owned facility. Post-ADA barrier removal project was conducted to provide wheelchair access to the ground floor with ramp and automatic door openers, accessible toilets, elevators, second floor hearing room and access to public services.

No further work is planned through the ADA Transition Plan on this facility. The City is planning a major capital improvement project to fully upgrade the building's seismic and accessibility features.


1380 Howard Street

Public Health, Behavior Health Department services and offices


Accessible city-leased building that has undergone various alterations and accessibility improvements from 1987 through 2008. The building has an accessible entrance, an elevator, and toilet rooms. The ground floor was renovated in 2008 to accommodate the relocation of the Behavioral Health public pharmacy.


2789 25th Street

Paramedics Plant Building


Accessible city-owned facility that underwent seismic and accessibility alterations in 1990. The facility does not contain programs for the general public.


1990 41st Ave

Sunset Mental Health Center


A city-owned partially accessible facility with ADA Transition Plan project under design in 2009-2010, with funding expected in 2009.

Multiple Locations

Department of Public Health providers


Multiple accessible and usable facilities operated by third party provider.

The ADA Transition Plan is installing automatic door openers and several sites throughout the city.

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