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Access for Voters with Disabilities

Vote By Mail Voting Before Election Day - Any voter may request a vote-by-mail ballot. In addition, any voter may apply to become a Permanent vote-by-mail Voter. Ballots for all elections are automatically mailed to vote-by-mail voters.

Access to Voter Information Pamphlet - The Department of Elections in collaboration with the San Francisco Library for the Blind and Print Disabled, at 100 Larkin Street, distributes audiocassette versions of the Voter Information Pamphlet and State Voter Information Guide. Voters may request an audiocassette version by calling Martin Magid at the San Francisco Library for the Blind and Print Disabled at 415-557-4253.

The Department of Elections also provides the Voter Information Pamphlet in large print, cassette and CD format, and the State Voter Information Guide in audiocassette and large-print format. To request a Voter Information Pamphlet or Voter Information Guide in alternative format please call (415) 554-4375.

You may also access a PDF or text-only version of the Voter Information Pamphlet online on the Department of Elections website.

TTY (Teletypewriter Device) - Voters may contact the San Francisco Department of Elections by calling 554-4386.

On Election Day Assistive Voting Devices - San Francisco voters have the option to use an accessible touchscreen voting machine designed to assist voters with disabilities to vote independently and privately. This accessible voting machine provides several different ways for voters to cast a ballot.

Voters can make ballot selections using a touchscreen and review their selections on a paper record before casting their vote. Additionally, the touchscreen voting machine provides an audio ballot feature that allows voters to listen to instructions and ballot selections while voting.

The touchscreen machine further assists voters by providing a zoom feature to increase the text size on the screen; an option for voters to use their own assistive device such as a sip/puff switch; and ballots and instructions in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

For additional information, see Voting with the Accessible Voting Machine.

Multi-user Sip/Puff Devices or Headpointers – These accessory devices for the accessible voting machine are available at our City Hall office or can be dispatched to a polling place on Election Day by calling (415)554-4384. Placing your request in advance (preferably 72 hours prior) will help ensure availability and assist in scheduling.

Personal Assistance - Persons unable to complete their ballot may ask a pollworker to provide assistance, or bring one or two persons with them into the voting booth to assist them with the exception of their employer, their employer’s agent, or their labor union leader or agent.

Curbside Voting - If a voter is unable to enter the polling place, pollworkers will bring the necessary voting materials to the voter in front of the polling place.

Reading Tools - Every polling place has large print instructions on how to vote and special sheets to magnify the print on the ballot.

Seated Voting - Every polling place has at least one voting booth which allows voters to vote while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

Voting Tools - Every polling place has two easy-grip pens for signing the roster and marking the ballot.

If your polling place is not functionally accessible, you may call 415-554-4551 for information about the nearest accessible polling place within your district and ballot type.

Last updated: 12/14/2011 4:49:17 PM